Height: 6'8"
Weight: 320lbs
From: Wherever he damn well pleases
Finisher: Last Ride Power Bomb
AKA: The Mighty Hercules, The Patriot, Brody Steele
Birthdate: August 5th


Before getting involved in wrestling 5 years ago, Kingman actually competed in Maritime strongman competitions. His specialty was "grip strength", carrying things like railroad ties or big dumb-bells in each hand, about 200-250 pounds a side. On one occasion, he went 1,200 feet with 250 pounds in each hand.

Kingman was trained by Leo Burke in Calgary, in association with Hitman Ent. He made his wrestling debut in Grand Prix Wrestling, his first pro match was against Butcher Vachon (Roger Theriault). He wrestled all over the maritimes for two summers with them. Since then he has worked all over Canada, the eastern U.S., and Puerto Rico for such feds as GPW, EWA, Can-Am, WWC, WCW, and RAW. In 1999, Kingman even had a WCW tryout along with other GPW alumni Wildman Williams and Todd "The Bodd" Douglas.

These days Kingman is leaving his mark all over the Maritimes wrestling with Real Action Wrestling. He, along with Kowboy Mike Hughes and Bobby Rude as the Kardinal Sinners are one of the most dominant heel factions in the business today, leaving carnage behind wherever they go. The competition wasn't really up to par for a long time in RAW for Kingman, he destroyed anyone in his path...guys like Downtown Ray Brown, Corp. Kaos, and Bad Boy Batty Bat will tell you all about that. but recently Kingman has felt a little more of a challenge wrestling guys like Chi Chi Cruz, The Acadian Giant, and most recently a returning Joe E. Legend.